Segway miniPRO Review

Hoverboards have become the hottest toys in the market today.

  • They not only look cool and sleek but are functional at the same time. It is immensely popular among people from all age groups.
  • Though they are very much in vogue, incidents of the gadgets exploding and catching fire have raised safety concerns.
  • Therefore it is important to buy hoverboards from a well know brand such as Segway.

Segway is considered the best since it was the first to introduce such a product in the market.

  • The Segway miniPRO is build using materials that is employed in the construction of airplanes. Therefore one should not have any doubt about the durability of the product.
  • The Segway miniPRO has been awarded the UL 2272 certification. This ensures high fire and electrical safety standards. It is capable of withstanding 220 lbs payload. The 10.5 inch pneumatic tires have the best shock absorption ability.
  • The padded knee bars are provided to ensure comfort and help riders to steer the hoverboard with more precision.

The only sore point is the segway mini pro price. But with many interesting features like remote control operation, app that protect the device against theft, updates on firmware and safety features, the Segway miniPRO has many useful and interesting features to its credit.

Best Features: Is Segway miniPRO Price Justified? Read on:

The below section of the Segway Mini PRO review highlights the best features of the Segway miniPRO.

  • Safety

The Segway miniPRO is designed using the latest technology, strong hardware and up to date software making it the most reliable hoverboard.

The product is fitted with sensors that have high sensitivity and are capable of detecting even the slightest movement made by the rider. This helps to keep the rider safe while using the device indoors or outdoors.

It is also fitted with an auto-deceleration system which restricts the speed.

  • Shock absorption

The Segway mini pro has air filled tires that have been tested on various terrains in order to ascertain that its shock absorbing capabilities is suitable under all conditions.

The pneumatic tires are bigger than the tires fitted in other hoverboards. This makes it more attuned for shock abosorption. In order to provide additional safety a refined tread has been placed on the tires. This increases traction and reduces the chances of skidding.

These features help to keep the riders well balanced and safe while riding on the roads.

  • Knee bar

The knee bar feature is one of the standout features highlighted in many Segway minipro review. By making use of this feature, riders do not have to shift their weight on one foot while taking a turn. By merely pressing the left or right side of the knee bar, the job is done. Manuals, Guides and Safety Videos | Segway

Due to the innovative knee bar feature, maneuvering has become a lot easy and more precise. In order to suit the needs of individual riders, the height of the knee bar can be adjusted to fit every rider.

  • Speed

The Segway miniPRO is powered by a lithium ion battery that has received UL certification. Once the batteries are fully charged, it gives a ride of 14 miles.

It has a dual motor engine that can generate 1600W of power. The maximum speed that can be reached is 10mph.

  • LED lights

The Segway miniPRO is designed to have LED lights that can be customized to meet the requirements of individual riders.

Irrespective of whether you choose to ride the hoverboard in daytime or at night, the automatic taillights and headlights will ensure that the road is well illuminated for you.

The riders have the option of choosing from 16 million different color combinations for their taillights. Yes! You read that right, 16 million!

  • Anti theft app

The Segway miniPRO is truly up to date with the changing technology. By installing the anti theft app, users can lock their device. In case anyone tries to steal it, the app will activate a phone trigger, alerting the owner of possible theft.

Apart from this the app can be used to access various riding tutorials, gain information about the latest safety features and learn more about the various features of the Segway miniPRO.

Negative features

It is very difficult to find flaws in this amazing product. The Segway miniPRO has very limitations. The below section of the Segway minipro review highlights the negative features of the hoverboard.

  • Cost

The segway mini pro price point is a tad too high. The Segway mini pro amazon price is $798.00 which includes free shipping. The gadget costs twice as much the SwagTron T1.

Therefore it will be considered a very pricey investment by many who may look for cheaper alternatives.

  • Weight

Apart from the segway mini pro price issue, the weight of the Segway miniPRO can also be a point of concern for many.  It weighs more than the other hoverbaords available in the market. As it is designed to have a knee bar and a bigger body, transporting the device may pose a problem.

  • Smartphone app

In order to start using the various functions of the hoverboard, owners have to open an account with Segway. Also the device has to be paired with an app designed for smart phones. All the security features require Bluetooth connectivity in order to work properly

Though most owners do posses a smart phone, making this a requirement for using the device makes it restrictive.

Advantages over competition

Like all other products from Segway, the safety standards that are set in place, makes the device head and shoulders ahead of the competitors.

With customers not having to worry about the gadget going up in flames, they can ride the hoverboard with greater ease.

Barring the segway mini pro price, the hoverboard has many features that make it better than other gadgets.

  • UL certified hoverboard

As mentioned the Segway miniPRO has obtained the 2272 certification from the Underwriter’s Laboratory which is an independent safety and quality certification agency in the United States.

This certification ensures that each Segway miniPRO is built with high safety and quality standard.

  • Design

The Segway miniPRO has a very clean and elegant design. it is available in white and black color options. The owners can choose their own LED light. In the front there is a display which indicates if the device is locked or unlocked. It also provides information about the battery level and Bluetooth connection status.

  • Ride time

One of the remarkable features of the Segway miniPRO is that it is very quiet even when it is operated on high speed. Due to the large 10.5 inches tires, it is able to absorb the vibrations while riding on a bumpy road. This delivers a smooth and comfortable to the rider.

The Segway miniPRO is very responsive. The brakes are can be applied instantly without falling back. It is equipped with a power assist mode that allows the riders to manually steer the hoverboard when it is not in use.

  • Bluetooth

The high segway cost is due to the many attractive features like Bluetooth connectivity. Unfortunately it is not equipped with Bluetooth speakers. But one can do the following with the Bluetooth feature:

  • Choose from the different color options available for LED lights
  • Install updates for the latest firmware
  • Lock or unlock the Segway miniPRO

Apart from this the device can be operated using a remote control.


The Segway miniPRO  is packed with a number of positive features but the high segway mini pro price, makes it expensive for many. The product is best suited for people who want to indulge in high end luxury products. Though pricey, it is an extremely fun and safe ride with many happy customers referring to it as the “Ferrari” of all hoverboards.

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