Hoverboard skins | Your favourite color Green, Gold, Red, Blue

It’s no fun to be one among a million and not one in a million.

Using a hoverboard like everyone else is cool, but using one that looks like everyone else’s is not cool at all.

What can you do to make it look different? Obviously go for the flashy hoverboards that stand out.

The sheer number of hoverboards in various colors is mind boggling; you can either own a flashy green hoverboard or a little more sober blue color or if you can handle it the pink hoverboard will be a show stopper for sure.

In case you believe in the go green formula and want to spread that message even with your self balancing electric scooter than there are several options to choose from.

  • Green hoverboard segway: There are several hoverboards in green available in the market but the green hoverboard segway is the original electric hoverboard which comes with a 1 year warranty. A sturdy ABS outer casing, high grade lithium battery and a speed of 7-12 mph make it very desirable for the green lover.
  • Green goblin hoverboard: How many remember the green goblin and how many wished that you too could take off at breakneck speed across the sky on your green goblin hoverboard. What wasn’t possible then is now a reality; you can imitate the green goblin when you use the green goblin hoverboard known as flyboard invented by Frank from Zapata Racing.
  • Green hoverboard with Bluetooth: What’s a ride without some music? Hoverboards have come a long way from the first one to hit the market. Now the music lover can listen to a favorite playlist from the Smartphone via Bluetooth.
    The only difference between a regular segway and the green hoverboard with Bluetooth is that the later has a Bluetooth receiver module and speakers which are absent in the later.
    So the minute you switch on your green hoverboard the Bluetooth receiver switches on too. Almost all of them are compatible with iPhones and androids.

Listed above are three different types of green hoverboards with very basic features to those which will leave you dumb struck; they are all green and they are all self balancing electric scooters also known as hoverboards, segway and so on.

But eventually you might get bored of the color and the design, and then what do you do? You for obvious reasons can’t buy a new segway.

What would be your reaction if you were told that now there are electric scooter skins available in the market which will give your hoverboard a distinctive look?

In fact there are a several manufacturers who give you the option to design your skin. Isn’t that wonderful!

But before we plunge into the details of the Green Self-Balancing Scooter Skin which we will review shortly we should know why the skins or decals or stickers as they are also known as so special and what additional value they add to your green hoverboard or hoverboard of any color for that matter.

Benefits of an electric scooter skin

Does a scooter skin only enhance the looks of your hoverboard or does it have any other advantage. Well it does have a few other benefits besides enhancing the look of your hoverboard, improving your self confidence and adding to the style quotient.

A good durable skin will protect your hoverboard from scratches and mild dents. Besides that there are stickers which come with anti slip properties thereby providing you with a better grip while riding. The decals are water resistant and thus protect the hoverboard from getting wet and parts from corrosion which eventually sets in if you don’t care of your hoverboard, especially when it is wet.

These wraps or decals are available in a variety of material but vinyl, rubber and leather are the most popular ones with vinyl scoring over the rest because it is the easiest to print on and the easiest to maintain.

The varieties of designs that are available on vinyl are not found on any other material. The price varies according to the design, additional features, durability and popularity of the skin.

Here is a review of one such absolutely unique electric scooter skin that can change the looks of your green hoverboard.

What are the best features of the Green Self-Balancing Scooter Skin

This Green self balancing scooter skin is made from 3M Vinyl making it very durable, sturdy and waterproof. In fact, if you love the design this skin can last the life of your green hoverboard. The ink used on the sticker too is of high grade and solvent nature.

The decal also protects the hoverboard from scratches and dings on all the exposed sides retaining its brand new look. It is absolutely easy to install when you follow the instructions. The best part is you can actually see a YouTube video to understand how to put on the sticker without any bubbles and wrinkles.

That’s not all, it is easy to remove too when you are bored of the look. You will have clean hands because there is no sticky residual too.

The stickers are compatible with almost all the leading board manufacturers in the market like Swagway X1, HoverTech, Leray, Powerboard, Sogo, IO Hawk, Dekota and Street saw.

And the list of good things continues with this self balancing scooter skin; the food grade silicone spray on the sticker ensures that it doesn’t accumulate dirt and dust.

The sticker fits so perfectly that you can access all the buttons and holes on the segway.

The not so good things of the hover electric skateboard sticker

The adhesive used for the sticker is not strong and the skin peels off within a few days of applying. It doesn’t fit the open areas perfectly and hence there are parts of the hoverboard which are exposed to nature. Installing the sticker is a time consuming process.

To make the Vinyl skin appear like a second skin without wrinkles and bubbles requires certain amount of skill and patience.

Another disadvantage is that the sticker is not fully compatible with Swagtron T1, Swagtron T3, Razor Hovertrax 2.0, HOVERZON, Spaceboard, Skque, Airwheel S3 520WH, ANVL boards, InMotion M3-RDBK, Monster.

Why is the self balance LOngboard Decal better than the rest

This green decal is made from the finest vinyl as a result it can last as long as your green hoverboard. Now you don’t have to put with a boring green anymore because the skin just doesn’t change the look of your hoverboard but also reflects your personality.

The sticker is compatible with boards of various brands making it highly versatile. This high glossy skin from GamXcel uses a patented adhesive that allows quick and easy installation and an equally easy and smooth removal of the sticker.


Be it young kids or older ones, everyone wants to be appreciated, likes to stand out and be unique in some way or the other. And that is the reason that the hoverboard craze has overtaken the market like no other gadget. But the initial models were just normal looking and your hoverboard was no different from your friends’.

With technological improvements came hoverboards in varying colors and then with additional features like the Bluetooth enabled green hoverboard with Bluetooth.

The need to still look different exists and that is the reason that the green self balancing scooter skin is a sought after hoverboard accessory. Not only does this decal transform the looks of your ordinary hoverboard but it also protects your self balancing scooter.

So, if you are the kind who likes to change the look of your hoverboard ever so often then you should most certainly invest in this skin which is durable, great looking and available on Amazon.

Scott R. Scooter!
Hoverboard skins Green, Gold, Red, Blue