Where can i buy a Hoverboard charger near me?

The gadget freaks are all going gaga now that the hoverboards are back in the market. In their very short stint to fame, the hoverboards saw it all – they went from the most sought after toy to the most scared gadget.

Hoverboard fire sounded the death knell for these two wheeled scooters. This rise and fall of hoverboards is a story by itself.

If you are the proud owner of a hoverboard, then you must also be aware of how to take care of your gadget. Here is a quick recap in case you are not sure:

  • Charge the battery: Always follow the manufacturer’s advice on how long to charge the battery and how to take care of it.
  • Check all the tires, screws and wheel shafts: Once every two weeks check for any loose screws and shaft and tighten them to prevent injuries in the future.
  • Check the internal wires: Do this only if you are well versed in electric circuitry, otherwise take it to the hoverboard repair shop.
  • Do not use water for cleaning: Much as you wish to take a bucket of water and sponge down all the dirt and grime, do not do that; you will only harm your hoverboard. Wipe your scooter immediately once it gets wet and then use a dry cloth to wipe it clean. Water is anathema for a hoverboard.

Why another Hoverboard charger?

The hoverboard chargers are small AC adapter which can be misplaced, damaged or in some cases burnt. Without a charger your scooter is as well as dead; why let an expensive gadget be wasted when all you need is an additional hoverboard charger.

Where can I buy a hoverboard charger?

Wherever hoverboards for sale are available you should be able to find the hoverboard charger. If you Google hoverboard charger Amazon, you will get a list of some of the most popular and well liked chargers compatible with your scooter.

There are several brands in varying price range with features unique to the brand. In this segment we are reviewing the Razor Electric Scooter Battery Charger available on Amazon.

What is special about the Razor electric?

This hoverboard charger can be used to charge the battery in Razor E100, E125 and 2150 models. Just 8 hours of charge is sufficient to power the motor. And the best part is that it has a UL mark; now don’t ask what is it because before you buy a hoverboard you should know about the safety regulations.

An UL mark is the certificate of safety issued by an independent testing organization. If you ever see a hoverboard for sale that works notice anywhere check immediately for a UL mark before you buy it.

Another advantage that this charger has is that it is compatible with any battery, be it Lithium or Lead acid. Snug size and the correct cable length are other noteworthy features.

Features that can cause concern

To date there isn’t a single product that displayed only positive features; the razor electric charger is no different. Though a majority of users are happy with the product there are a few who are deeply disappointed with the product. The first and foremost concern is that the charger’s indicator fails to tell if the battery is fully charged and stays on even after unplugging.

Another point is that the charger doesn’t look like the original factory charger and in some cases the charge doesn’t last too long.


Is the Razor Electric charger better than others in the market?

The Amazon rating and the overall positive reviews in other sites online is evidence enough about the popularity of this charger. This hoverboard charger charges really fast, it is handy and inexpensive. This charger’s performance is comparable to the original charger that comes with the pack.

Be relieved that this hoverboard charger is an ideal match for a lost charger or one damaged by a pet.


Love it or hate it but you can’t ignore the hoverboard this season; in fact it will be the most sought after item this Christmas. And if you are planning on buying a segway for kids than it is definitely prudent to have a spare hoverboard charger because it will be easier to deal with a reprimanded kid than a bawling one who won’t see reason when the favorite scooter doesn’t turn on.

A replacement charger is always handy to deal with issues related to malfunctioning chargers or lost ones too. The razor electric scooter charger is a good buy in that regard. It is inexpensive, immensely popular and hence fairly easy to procure on Amazon or any hoverboard shops.

Besides that it is compact and can safely be carried with you wherever you go. This Christmas you can be sure that you won’t be the one stranded with a hoverboard that doesn’t power on.

Scott R. Scooter!
Hoverboard charger Razor Electric.

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I am an avid fan of the Back to the Future series and had dreamed of hoverboards since then. What greater pleasure can there be in the world than to glide through the sky to wherever you want and whenever you want.
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