SWAGTRON T1 – Red Hoverboard with Speed – 2017 Review

SWAGTRON T1 - UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard - Electric Self-Balancing Scooter Garnet Red

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Personal transportation has undergone a revolution with the introduction of self-balancing boards.

  • It is often dubbed as the smart balance wheel or hover board. They are called hover boards since they provide a sense of hovering above the ground.
  • Electric scooters have the new means to travel. Even celebrities have caught up to this trend.
  • These self-balancing boards use sensors to understand the direction in which the rider wishes to move.

If the user leans forward, the scooter moves front; user leans backward, scooter moves in reverse direction. These scooters are designed with multiple modes of riding.There is a trainer mode, which will enable the user to accustom them with the scooter.

Many people have taken to this mode of travel to work. It is designed compactly and is convenient to commute to work. The storage space required is minimal. Here we review SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard (Garnet red). This is also called red hover board segaway or simply red hover board.

The only electric hover board that was available with a UL 2272 certification at one point was Swagtron, the landscape in this space is slowly changing.

Best features

Some of the best features of SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 Certified and Red are listed below –

Safety certification and brand recall – Swagtronhoverboards are popular in the action sports category. Swagtron has been in the industry for a long time. They have great fan following and brand recall. They were the pioneers in the industry with UL 2272 certification. This certifies that they pay heed to safety rules applicable in the industry.

  • Speed and weight limit – Swagtron T1 offers great speed, it can cruise at 8 mph and 11 mile range. The scooter can handle weight upto 220 lbs. This is mostly inline with the offerings made by competitors.
  • Additional features included – The new features added in this Swagtron are LED headlights, rubber bumpers, LED battery indicators and two riding modes. Normal riding mode is for normal use, training mode for novice users.
  • Multi layered hover skate-board protection –SwagtronT1 – UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard is buit with the patented Sentry shield smart battery management system. This provides a multi-layered hover stake-board protection.
  • Sturdy motor for better control –The latest version of scooter has upgraded the motor to 250 watt. It provides for tighter control by means of gear stabilisation. It offers control on downhill traction.
  • Varied colours –This electric scooter comes in varied colors. The red hoverboard remains a popular choice in this category.
  • [PDF]SwagTron T1 Official Manual

Reasonable Price – Given the high quality and safety, a red hoverboard for sale is priced below $350. This is the price without any discount. There are competitor products which may be available at a lower price.

Negative points

The speed is limited to 8 mph, this comes as a major drawback for the hoverboard with red color (and ofcourse the other colours too!). Although, this may be an ideal speed for children, adult action sports enthusiasts may be disappointed.

  • Red hover board Segway may need some improvement in the warranty department as well. Many known names in this space provide electric scooters which do not overheat. Repeated use of red hover board until the battery drains may result in poor performance of the electric scooter overtime. The battery’s useful life may also deteriorate.
  • Is red hoverboard cheap? Not according to many critics in the action sports field. There are other electric scooters which are cheap and offer additional features. The red hover board is sort of a benchmark for the industry, but the price is slightly premium. This could be due to the brand name and the quality / safety standards that it provides.
  • The battery is not anything to rave about; the charging of battery takes some time. The scooter also lacks the ability to jump curbs. The new features added in the electric scooter are similar to that of competitors. There is nothing new that Swagtron brings to the table.

Like all other electric scooter, this red color, fast hover board is best suited for zones with limited and well regulated traffic. It can be quite cumbersome to use this in heavy traffic or narrow streets. Although it can be manoeuvred conveniently, it may be difficult for the user to change directions frequently by tilting the body often.

Advantages over competition

Colour choices – Here are reviewing the red hoverboard, but Swagtron offers electric scooter in lot of colours including pink, white, gold, blue, black etc., Most competitors do not offer many colours as choice. Typically black, blue and red are popular colour choices offered by competitors.

  • Safety certification – Many electric scooters available in the market may not have the UL certification. Swagtron has been a pioneer in this certification. They adhere strictly to safety guidelines and have aced all the safety tests conducted.
  • Stable and accurate ride – Sensor technology that is built into the electric scooter may offer great stability and accuracy in terms of riding. This is a great plus as compared to other scooters available in the market, especially the generic Chinese models.
  • High Quality – the red hoverboard is made out of best quality plastic, although it does not come with a guarantee of not heating up and bursting. It has been tested under strenuous scenarios and emerged a winner.

Real value for money – Although there is contention on the price of the red coloured hoverboard, it is a great gadget to own at less than $350. Given the safety and quality standards, red hover board price seems a real bang for the buck.


This product comes from a well-known brand. The red hover board is attractive in its appearance. The whole design is very compact; it requires less storage space and can be carried around conveniently. Many people use this mode of transport to commute to work, they can conveniently put away the electric scooter under their seat.

  • The technology and quality is best in class. Any red hover board for sale at a discount can be quite a steal. The maximum distance covered may not be great, however, some of the generic Chinese models which promise higher distance have ended up in many fire accidents.
  • At least in the case of red scooter, you are sure of no such fire disasters coming your way. The battery seems to be decent. Swagtron uses it’s patented SentryShield for smart battery management system. This infact provides multi-layered protection to the red hover board.
  • The 250 watt motor is reasonable powerful; it offers gear stabilisation and good control. Downhill traction control is phenomenal in this electric scooter. The sensors are built to reduce the speed as required on uneven streets, this is indeed a great feature to have.
  • Although many adult action sports enthusiasts may be disappointed with the maximum speed offered by the red hover board, it is an ideal speed for children. It is best suited for children and adults who use it for personal commutation purpose.
  • The gadget may work out cheaper than other modes of transportation. If used and maintained well, Swagtron electric scooters may work well for longer periods of time.

With the best safety standards and high quality durable build, this electric scooter may be well worth the money! Other best list to take into consideration when buying for great hoverboard at here.

Hope this brief helps you to assess if this electric scooter suits your requirement.

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