SWAGTRON T1 Certified Hoverboard- 2017 review

SWAGTRON T1 - UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard - Electric Self-Balancing Scooter Pink

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Swagway, one of the pioneering brands in self-balancing scooters:

It has quite literally breathed life back into hoverboards with the new and improved, UL 2272 certified, Swagtron T1.

The hoverboard fad had died after many fire incidents causing the CPSC to declare them as unsafe.

Hoverboards are back with a bang and are here to stay as you will find in this swagtron review. Read on to find out why Swagtron T1 is the best selling hoverboard out there.

If you have been thinking of buying one for yourself or for your kid, the Swagtron T1 might very well make it to your shopping cart.

Best features

If you do a quick search on the internet for hoverboards, you will be bombarded with a zillion options. This can be quite confusing for someone who wants to try hoverboards for the first time. Here we list some of the best features of the SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 and you will know why it is one of the best hoverboards you will find in the market.

  1. Safe – UL 2272 certified

The best feature of the Swagtron is that it is totally safe to use due to its UL 2272 certification that puts the hoverboard through a number of torture tests. A UL 2272 certification means that all electrical components such as the battery and the charger system are rigorously tested for safety.

The battery of the Swagtron T1 is the only one to have undergone a 10 ton battery crush test, making it one of the safest batteries to be used in a hoverboard.

The hoverboard comes with a safe stop technology which slows the device down if the battery dies out completely, instead of coming to an abrupt stop. This protects the user from potential falls that can prove to be dangerous if the battery dies out while operating the hoverboard at top speeds.

[PDF]SwagTron T1 Official Manual

The outer body of the hoverboard is made of fire-proof ABS plastic and so are the foot pedals which are also made of fire-proof materials.

The hoverboard is also equipped with LED headlights for safely cruising in the night time or under low light conditions. There are also battery indicators which beep to warn you when the charge goes down.

  1. Smart battery management system

The Swagtron T1 is the first one to have a SentryShield smart battery system where the Lithium ion battery is encased in layers of aluminium. This is not only fire-proof but the aluminum chamber prevents the battery from exploding or causing the hoverboard to catch fire in case of a battery failure.

  1. High performance

You can cruise up to a speed of 8mph and get a mileage of 12 miles in between battery charges. The gyroscope is one of the best that accurately picks up every move of the user and gives the best hoverboarding experience.

The powerful 250 Watt motor is gear stabilized to give you a climbing angle of 30 degrees. This makes sure you go up slopes with ease and without burning your motor or experiencing a drop in performance. The Swagtron T1 has a weight range of 44lbs – 220 lbs making it ideal for use by people of all ages.

Even if your hoverboard runs out of charge, you don’t have to worry as it has a very short charging time and can be completely recharged in less than an hour.

  1. Strong and light

The outer body is made of strong ABS plastic which is unbreakable, light, fire-proof and scratch-proof. The wheels are made of aluminum and the whole board weighs only 22 pounds making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. Swagtron T3 is improved version, have a look at HERE.

  1. Stable

You won’t have to worry about a wobbly hoverboard when you have the Swagtron T1 as it comes with enhanced gear stabilization and a downhill traction feature. The non slip foot pedals also make sure you have a firm grip when you step on it.

  1. Learning mode

If you are new to hoverboards, stepping on and off can be tricky in the beginning as the hoverboard will continue to move as you try to step down. But first-time users and kids can make use of the learning mode feature which is much slower and safer while seasoned users can use the standard mode for cruising in top speed.

  1. Quality

In addition to the UL 2272 certification which ensures that only quality components go into the making of the Swagtron T1, the hoverboard is also backed by a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. 


The Swagtron T1 has all the bells and whistles being the best hoverboard in its price range, but there are some minor cons that one must consider to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

  1. Battery life – The battery does not stay charged for the duration advertised and some users have seen that it dies out only after an hour’s use. This shortcoming though, is counteracted by the fact that you can recharge the battery in no time.
  2. Lower top Speed – The Swagtron T1 has an upper speed limit of 8mph which is lesser than its previous model that had a top speed of 10mph. This again has to do with its improved safety and hence does not pose as a big negative point.
  3. No bluetooth speakers and smartphone integration – While some other hoverboards similar to the Swagtron T1boast of bluetooth speakers and the ability to be controlled by smartphones, the Swagtron chooses to give you only the basic hoverboard features but with enhanced safety.
  4. Not water-resistant – The T1 is not water-resistant and hence you cannot use in the rain or snow. 

Swagtron T1 versus Jetson V6

Jetson V8 Self Balancing Scooter

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The Jetson V6 Hoverboard also has the UL certification and costs the same as the Swagtron T1.

But the Swagtron T1 is aesthetically more appealing and slimmer than the V6 and is preferred by customers even though the V6 is equipped with bluetooth speakers and is smartphone compatible.

Another bummer with the V6 are its loud audio commands and app-control tones which some users find to be annoying.

Swagtron T1 versus Razor Hovertrax

The Razor Hovertrax is marketed as a kids scooter unlike the Swagtron T1 which is for people of all ages. Both however, have an upper weight limit of 220lbs. The Swagtron also has an edge over the Razor Hovertrax of being an older brand in the field of hoverboards. Being a kids scooter, the Hovertrax has a maximum speed of 6mph whereas the T1 can go up to 8mph.

Swagtron T1 versus Powerboard by Hoverboard

Powerboard by HOVERBOARD - (SAFE UL 2272 CERTIFIED) Black - 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter with LED Lights - Hands Free Battery Powered Electric Motor --Personal Transporter - USA Company

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Another hoverboard in the same price range as the Swagtron T1 is the Powerboard by Hoverboard.

Though the Powerboard has the same upper weight capacity and maximum speed limit as the Swagtron T1 it is slightly heavier than the T1 weighing 25lbs.

The Powerboard also boasts a whopping 6 hour battery life which is way more than the Swagtron T1 and hence stay close in competition.

Nonetheless, the Swagtron T1 continues to be popular among users due to its brand value and its safety features.


Just like skateboards, hoverboards can give you and your kids a fun way to go around the city,  your neighborhood, your workplace and even inside your house. As with any electrical or battery operated device, safety should be your priority, especially if your kids are going to be the ones using the hoverboard. Check out our most recommended hoverboard list too.

The Swagtron T1 is not just a great performer when it comes to hoverboards; it is a good-looking, well-built and an extremely safe hoverboard that you can get at an affordable price too. We are sure that after reading our swagtron review, you will be zooming down the streets on one soon!


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