Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self-Balancing Smart Scooter Review

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 was launched recently by the popular American company which is based in Southern California.

The company produces a wide range of products in the action sports space.

Some of the products produced by the company have won awards.

The company’s kick scooter gained popularity amongst the youth in 2000.

In order to capture this segment, Razor started manufacturing self-balancing scooters. Razor HovertraxHover board is its newest addition in this segment.

Self- balancing scooters have two foot pads on which the user stands. All that the user has to do is tilt forward to get it going; tilting backwards will make the scooter go in the reverse direction. The rides are smooth; you get a feeling of flying over the ground. Razor has patented this technology; all their products are known for high quality and safety.

Razor hovertrax review will help you assess if this suits your requirement. Although, reviews are all over the internet, we have tried to bring out an unbiased razor hovertrax review to help you decide better.

Best features

Razor Hovertrax 2.0, it meets all the electrical safety standards as prescribed by the industry.  Razor hovertrax amazon mentions that it has an easy to use, quick to replace 36 V lithium ion battery pack. It has a 350 watt motor which does not make any noise.

  • Here is one vehicle that does not contribute to the noise pollution in the world. The run time is upto 60 minutes, you can use it for about an hour continuously if the battery is fully charged. It can carry a weight upto 220 lbs.
  • You can extend your ride since the battery pack is made with LG cells which are authentic. The self-balancing scooter can be driven at a speed of 8+ miles per hour. Razor hovertrax reviews on the internet have particularly taken notice of the patented Everbalance technology.
  • EverBalance technology automatically levels the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 and makes it easy to mount and get off. This technology also enables a smooth ride and convenient manoeuvring. Razor hovertrax uses gyro-sensor technology which ensures that the ride is stable and accurate. The scooter offers great spin control.
  • The razor hovertrax price has been another attractive feature, it is complete value for money. Razor hovertrax amazon offers a 24% discount which makes the deal even more lucrative. It is a great gadget to own within $350. It comes with a 90 day warranty which covers all manufacturing defects.

  • This version of razor hovertrax has some new features added compared to it’s predecessor. There are cool-blue LED light bar display, an LED battery charge indicator, fender bumpers added to the self-balancing scooter. There are two riding modes; one is for training and the other for normal use.
  • The training mode enables novice users to learn to ride the scooter easily.Not just this, the scooter is available in two colors – red and blue.
  • Razor Hovertrax Hover Board has a scratch – resistant body, but is not waterproof. The body is made with high quality plastics along with shatter-resistant polymers. The scooter is built with dual smart motors which ensure stability while the rider is on the board. The overall weight of the product is only 22 lbs, this makes it a very portable self-balancing scooter.
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It can be stored and carried around easily. Given the compact design it does not require much storage space.

Negative points

Razor Hovertrax review indicates that if there is one particular area for improvement, then it is definitely the speed. Although the product specifications mention that it can move at 8+ mph. The scooter offers a good ride only at 6mph. This is the slowest speed offered by self-balancing scooters in the market.

  • This may be ideal for children, but it may not thrill young action sports enthusiasts.
  • Although, much has been written about the battery, the maximum distance covered with one charge is not something to rave about. The scooter is not waterproof, making it impossible to ride during bad weather and on wet roads. The scooter lacks the ability to jump curbs.
  • Experts feel Razor Hovertrax price is slightly on the higher side, there are other hoverboards which are offered at lower price with additional features.

Self-balancing scooters are typically suitable for action sports, they can be used in zones where the traffic is well controlled. In crowded streets, they tend to suffer. Manoeuvrability is a great feature in this product, given the advanced spin control. However, they may not exactly suit high traffic zones. 

Advantages over competition

Although, Razor hovertrax 2.0 has it’s downsides, there are some factors which place it above competitors. Some such features are mentioned below –

  • Razor hovertrax 2.0 comes from the most reputed company in the action sports space. Their products are particularly known for high quality.
  • They adhere to the highest safety standards as prescribed by the industry
  • Their patented technology is among the best in class, which ensure that the ride is smooth
  • Gyro-sensor technology ensures that the ride is stable and accurate
  • The additional features such as LED battery charge indicator, LED light bar display, fender bumpers enable razor hovertrax to score over it’s competition
  • The motor is 350 watt and is quite sturdy, it does not produce any noise
  • Razor hovertrax amazon offers a 24% discount which sweetens the deal
  • This scooter has certification from the US government for adherence to the highest safety guidelines
  • US government also endorses the authenticity of the device
  • Razor hovertrax fire safety standards are incredibly high, thereby making it absolutely safe for children
  • Warranty of this product indicates that the motor will not overheat even when used continuously for long hours. They will not combust with repeated use
  • PDF Owner’s Manuals for Razor Scooters and Ride-ons


Razor Hovertrax Hover board, comes from the best known company in the action sports space. For the money you put here, you are assured the best technology and high quality. That should provide some solace to the buyer. The quality of materials is chosen with great care to ensure that they preserve the aesthetics of the gadget.

  • The motor is so quiet that the user will not be able to tell whether it is on or off by the sound. This continues to be one of the most distinguishing feature of Razor Hovertrax Hover board. Razor Hovertrax is gaining popularity for it’s light weight, this makes it easy to carry around. Gyro-sensor technology ensures that the ride is smooth, stable and of consistent speed.
  • Razor, is a company that is not only known for it’s excellent products but is also known for great customer service. The support staff provided by the manufacturers is easily accessible and provides appropriate solutions to the problems faced by the user.
  • An adult action sports enthusiast may be disappointed with the speed and the maximum distance covered per charge. These are features that the product falls short as compared to competitors. But, these are also the very reason that the company promises that the scooter will not overheat or combust.
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Razor Hovertrax price is a factor that has had conflicting views. For the quality, technology and safety that you get in return for the price, it may be well worth it!

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Razor Hovertrax 2.0