I am an avid fan of the Back to the Future series and had dreamed of hoverboards since then. What greater pleasure can there be in the world than to glide through the sky to wherever you want and whenever you want.

My love for hoverboards made me research these self-balancing electric scooters in detail. Be it the material used to build the body or the quality of tires that took the burden of the entire scooter on them, or the different kinds of batteries and their advantages and disadvantages; I have acquired in depth knowledge.

I have hands on expertise in dealing with all hoverboard related problems be it mechanical or related to the motherboard. For me, the best part of doing this is feeling like I’m working with a geek fantasy come true!

Let’s be honest, hoverboards are new. And they are evolving. There’ll come a time when these reviews and products will be relics online because the hoverboards would have evolved into something entirely different by then.

That being said, our immediate concern is with the products in the market, and that’s why I’m here, to give you a thorough, well-researched look at some of the best, and most funky self-balancing scooters in the market.

I also feel like it is my responsibility to also ensure that the models that I recommend are top notch and come with the latest safety features in place.

At the moment, hoverboards are a bit of a controversial topic – other than the obvious issues (people falling off), lately there have been so many reports of fires and whatnot, that it’s imperative to know what you’re getting into when you’re dishing out so much money.

If you are wondering if I am all talk and no action then you are mistaken. I have tried and tested several hoverboards (this happens when you’re a geek!) to learn, understand and resolve the minutest issues and problems with each brand and also the features that make a particular brand more popular and more desirable than the rest.
There’s something else, hoverboards are fast becoming the next big thing to have. They’re the motor equivalent of iPhones, if you will. If you have one, then you’re the cool kid. And we all know the value of cool, don’t we?

When something is this sought after, having a balanced outlook to owning one will hold you in good stead. Buying something this expensive in the heat of the moment, only to regret it later is not the plan. Research and analysis is everything in the case of hoverboards.

Once you find out what works best, then, go ahead and buy one and add your own feedback to the product reviews and hope that the makers are actually tweaking their product based on each customer’s reviews.

If you already own a hoverboard, fret not, this website is for you too. You can create a community of owners who can help troubleshoot issues (be friendly, please) and add on more to my reviews. This way, a reader gets the most out of this one-stop hoverboard review centre!

Enough about my opinions on hoverboards, go through the website for more in-depth information on the new sensation in the world of movement.

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